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You want to study the Bible and grow your faith. I know you do. And I know you want to start 2021 with a daily Bible habit. I also know that even when your heart is right, life can often get in the way.

Groceries must be shopped, laundry folded, homework checked, meals prepared, work done, relationships built, ministry carried out. And even when we have the best of intentions, it’s really hard to stay consistent with an in-depth Bible study.

But when we don’t stay in the Word, we don’t grow. Relationships are harder, work suffers, real ministry is impossible, and our hearts grow discontent. That’s because apart from HIM we can do nothing. And His Word is the truth we need to walk in day by day.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t have to just settle for the crumbs from the Master’s table. That’s a lie from the enemy. Instead, you can sit down and feast on His Word. Even if you are super busy. 

Join me for the FOCUSED 15 Habit Building Experience and come grow your faith, one habit-building day at a time.

For community support and accountability, join our private Facebook group, Growing Your Faith.

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The FOCUSED 15 Habit-Building Experience

This is a 3-Week Experience designed to help you build a habit of Bible study for 15 minutes a day. We will explore Matthew 7, along with some Bible study tips and techniques to help you grow in your understanding of God's Word and make the most of your 15.

You'll get a daily lesson, practical strategies for studying and interpreting the Bible, helpful resources for making your time productive, and a private Facebook group for support and encouragement. 

Join me for 3 weeks, and let's build a daily habit of time with God!

Just $12 for the 3-week experience!

The FOCUSED 15 Bible Study Club

This first session will take you through the chronological, historical, and cultural background of the Bible in daily 15-minute segments designed to help you build a habit of studying God's Word. 

This interactive journey through the Bible provides the context that makes studying God's Word easier to understand and comprehend. We will explore the Bible from Genesis to Revelation as we focus on the big picture view of God's plan of redemption.

Through guided study and helpful resources, you will grow your understanding of God's Word, so that you can grow your faith!

Just $97 for the 6-month membership (or sign up for our monthly payment plan of just $17/mo.)!

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